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Student Parking

The high school has three lots available for student parking - Red, Black and Gray lots. The number of requests for parking permits exceeds the space available; therefore, we cannot guarantee a parking permit for every student who requests one. If a student has purchased a permit to park on campus, there will be space available and the remainder will go on a waiting list. All vehicles driven to school must be registered with the school in the Main Office. If a student forgets their parking permit for the day, a temporary permit must be obtained from the Main Office for that day. The parking lot is patrolled consistently throughout the school day by security.

Semester 2 parking permits are now available for sale on Smart School.

As of 1/25, Semester 1 parking permits will no longer be valid.  Semester 1 permits will need to be turned in to Alison Schroeder at the time of Semester 2 permit distribution in order to receive your new Semester 2 permit.  

How to get a Parking Permit:

  1. Students must complete the parking Schoology course. Access code: SCV5-23ZD-BQRGW    
  2. Pay for parking permit through Smart School.
  3. Semester 2 Permits will be available for pickup at SAHS Main Office Monday - Thursday 6:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  4. Present photo id at time of pick up.
  5. Turn in Semester 1 permit (if applicable) at time of pick up.

Visitor Parking

Please use the 58th street entrance off of Stillwater Boulevard for campus access. All other entries are closed during school hours. Designated parking spaces are located in front of the building, as well as in the first row of the Red lot. All visitors must enter through the main entrance and report to the receptionist. Please pre-arrange visits with staff prior to entry.


Alison Schroeder
Parking & Attendance Secretary