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Tips for a Substance-Free Homecoming

Tips for a Substance-Free Homecoming

Homecoming is a time for fun, friendship, and long-lasting memories. With 2023 Pony Homecoming week coming up Sept. 25-30, have conversations with your teen about being safe and smart about the decisions they make.


1. Talk consequences

  • Make sure your teen is aware of the consequences of not only doing drugs, but getting caught with drugs at a school event (football game, dance, etc.). These consequences could include suspension, expulsion, or even criminal charges.

2. Be a call or text away 

  • Be on-call during the night of the homecoming dance or any other night time social event. If your teen finds themselves in a bad situation, where many of their friends may be drunk or high, they can reach out to you to get a ride home.

3. Lock it up!

  • Remove any temptations your teen may have by storing your alcohol and prescription medication in a locked location.

4. Talk with other parents 

  • It's always a good idea to know the parents of your teen's friends. This network can be especially important during homecoming season. If you have any concerns about your teen's whereabouts while they are participating in various activities with their friends, you can reach out to the group of parents for information. 

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