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Background Checks

Background Checks

The information on this page is a brief summary. For additional guidance, please review Policy 404: Criminal Background Checks.

The school district will seek criminal history background checks for all applicants who receive an offer of employment with the school district. The school district also will seek criminal history background checks for all volunteers and individuals, except enrolled student volunteers, who are offered the opportunity to provide athletic coaching services or other extracurricular academic coaching services to the school district, regardless of whether compensation is paid. These positions include, but are not limited to, all athletic coaches, extracurricular academic coaches, assistants, and advisors. The school district may elect to seek criminal history background checks for other volunteers, independent contractors, and student employees.

Background checks are FREE for volunteers. Employees will be charged $15.

The background check process can take up to 2 weeks to complete, so register now to make sure you don’t miss out on any volunteer opportunities or experience delays in hiring. Background checks are simple to complete.

School board policy requires that background checks for volunteers be renewed every four years. If you are uncertain about when your background check will expire, please contact the school secretary. Volunteers will also be asked to sign a release form.

There are two options to verify your identity:

  1. Social security number: You may choose to submit information for a social security background check online or by completing and submitting a paper application. It takes approximately one week to process a social security number.
    • Online: Complete our online form to request a secure link. The person specific link will be e-mailed to you and you can access a secure website to submit your social security number and other information necessary to complete the background check. Employees can also pay $15 for the background check while you’re online.
    • Paper application: Please visit the Central Services Building or your school office to receive a copy of the application. 
  2. Fingerprinting: You may choose to complete your background check by providing your fingerprints instead of your social security number.
    • To setup an appointment to be fingerprinted, please contact the district receptionist at 651-351-8340. The $15 payment for employees will be collected at the time of your appointment. It takes approximately one month to process fingerprints.

VOLUNTEERS: Once your background check has been completed you will be able to sign-up for volunteer opportunities as your schedule allows. Visit with your school office or classroom teacher to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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