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Addressing concerning social media posts

Addressing concerning social media posts

Recently schools across the state and nation have seen an increase in concerning social media posts threatening schools or spreading false information about students and staff. Here in Stillwater we have seen a number of concerning social media posts in the past few weeks, including several today that led to a modified lockdown at Stillwater Area High School. (Watch a video from Principal Rob Bach regarding the events at SAHS). These types of messages not only disrupt our learning environment, they also create fear and uncertainty in our community.

Safety is our top priority

The physical safety and emotional wellbeing of our students, staff and families is our top priority. Maintaining safe and welcoming schools requires an ongoing partnership with school staff, students, families, law enforcement and the surrounding community. We take any threat against our students or staff very seriously and fully investigate each threat - whether it’s made on social media, by text, email, verbal or in written form -  in collaboration with our local law enforcement partners.

Issuing a threat can be considered a crime

Threats are not a joke. Hoax threats could result in an arrest by law enforcement and/or suspension or expulsion by the school district. They can have devastating consequences—both for the public and for those who post them. Please talk with your children about what could be perceived as a threat and what the consequences could be.

Social media posts can impact our entire community

The posting and sharing of concerning content on social media can have a serious impact on our community. Reposting or sharing these posts can create significant harm by creating further panic and creating an unmanageable situation for our school officials and police. Spreading unconfirmed information can disrupt the learning environment for our students. It can also trigger emotional trauma and distress for students, school staff and families. 

Things to remember

We want all of our students and staff to feel safe at school. Don’t share or forward concerning content. Instead, forward anything concerning to school officials and law enforcement to investigate. 

  • Don’t ever post or share threats or other concerning content on social media.
  • If you see a threat of violence posted online or in another form, contact local law enforcement immediately.
  • If you are the target of an online threat or other inappropriate content, call your local police office immediately.
    • Bayport Police Department: 651-275-4400
    • Oak Park Heights Police Department: 651-439-4723
    • Stillwater Police Department: 651-351-4940
    • Washington County Sheriff’s Office: 651-439-9381
    • Woodbury Police Department: 651-714-3600
  • If you become aware of any concerning messages or behavior, report it to school administrators and/or local police. For non-emergency situations, you can also report anonymously online through our See Something, Say Something form.

Thank you for partnering with us to keep our schools safe for our students and staff.

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