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STEM & Environment Pathway

Students build an icehouse

Curious about how things work? Don't want to sit at a desk all day?

Students who like to work with their hands, designing, building or repairing things have many opportunities for high wage jobs in trades and manufacturing. STEM is a high demand field for those who are good at math, science, and have an engineer’s mind for how things work.  Environment is an area for those who like to work outdoors, love animals or want to make a difference helping humans coexist with nature.


Trades Hub

Explore trades and manufacturing careers, find training programs with scholarships, and land a job.

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Programs of Study

Animal Science

Possible careers may include:

  • Animal caretaker 
  • Veterinarian 
  • Veterinary tech 
  • Zoologist 

Computer Science

Possible careers may include:

  • Computer Support Specialist 
  • Network Administrator 
  • Software Developer 
  • Web Designer 

Natural Resources & Earth Sciences

Possible careers may include:

  • Agribusiness Manager 
  • Environmental Scientist 
  • Farmer 
  • Landscape Designer 
  • Forest Ranger 


Possible careers may include:

  • Architect
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Physicist
  • Pilot
  • Software Engineer

Manufacturing & Construction

Possible careers may include:

  • Auto Service Technician
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Machine Operator
  • Plumber
  • Welder

Try It Out - Student Activities You Might Enjoy:
FFA, First Robotics, Math League, Minecraft Club, Naturalist Club, Physics Club, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, Super Mileage, Video Game Club, Youth for Sustainable Solutions 

Work to Learn Program:
Learn more about a potential career through a paid work experience.  Stillwater’s Work to Learn program is part of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s Youth Skills Training.
• 4 week internship gaining hands-on experience in an industry of interest
•  Students work 4 hours per day during summer months or after school
• Employer builds relationship with motivated student and potential employee

medium salary income for specific jobs in stem & environment

Accelerated Pathway Opportunity

We’ve partnered with Century College to design Accelerated Pathways - a unique Articulated College Credit (ACC) option. Don’t waste time taking the wrong classes. Accelerated Pathways clearly outline what classes you can take at SAHS that align with the required courses at Century College. Taking these courses will guarantee you college credit and accelerate your degree completion. You can use your credits to complete a two-year degree at Century or transfer them to any Minnesota state university.