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Office Hours & Extended Learning

Teacher helps student

Focused academic support for students

Extended Office Hours (offered every Wednesday afternoon) are designed to help students catch up on learning, make up missed assignments and tests, or get the extra support they need to be successful. The format allows students in need of the most support to connect directly with teachers, while giving other students time and flexibility to do homework, connect with other students for group projects, or schedule an appointment with a teacher.

This targeted approach to academic intervention allows teachers to focus on students who have fallen behind or need a little extra support. For students who are caught up in school, it offers flexibility and time to complete their assignments and collaborate with classmates.

During Extended Office Hours:

  • Students who are in need of academic support will remain at school to meet in-person with teachers.  
  • Other students will have the option to work independently at home or choose to remain at school. 
  • Any student who remains at school will have an opportunity to eat lunch and catch a bus home at the end of the day.

Please note, as the semester progresses there may be a time when your child’s teacher(s) requires them to attend the extended day in order to receive additional support. You will be notified should this be necessary.