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Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

The following information regarding submission of senior portraits is very important, so please read it carefully! Photographs that do not meet yearbook specifications will not be published. 

The deadline for submitting senior portraits is Friday, December 15th, 2023. Portraits received past this date may not be published in the yearbook. We no longer accept photos via email. The photos must be uploaded to the website- If a photo is not received, the school ID photo will be used. If there is no school ID photo, your name will go under the “Seniors not pictured” list in the book.

Please plan ahead. Photographers get booked very early in the fall; you should try to have your photo taken by early November to assure time for editing and submission to the yearbook. On the back of this letter are a number of companies who do senior photography in the Stillwater area. You may begin uploading photos no earlier than August 31, 2023.

Please inform your photographer of the following criteria:
1) Upload only one digital portrait please.
2) Photo quality needs to be 300 DPI or high for actual image size, and overall
dimension of 2x3 or 4x5 inches. Jpeg format is required. A high-resolution image
is needed for best printing. No Snapchat filters, please.
3) Portraits should be vertical, head and should shots. Please don’t send full body
photos. We will crop photos as needed to assure consistency throughout the book.
4) Photos must be school appropriate.

To submit photos:
1) Go to
2) The website is fairly intuitive; go to Upload Senior Portraits and follow the

3) Please make sure to leave parent or photographer contact information
4) Again, please only submit one photo per student
5) Make sure to spell students’ names correctly; obviously, the staff will work
diligently to check all spellings, but accuracy up front is very helpful.
6) Make sure that you receive a confirmation email. If not please contact help through
the website
7) Note that photographers who are uploading photos may upload more than one
student’s portrait at a time.

List of local photographers:
Countryside Photo- 651-494-4445
Vickey Weiss Photography- 612-385-8658
Kristina Lynn Photography- 651-968-1635
Lyndsey Rose Photography-
Argente Photographie- 612-384-9874
Jen Kimlinger Photography- 651-402-4225
Judd Sather Photography- 651-342-1476
Michael Crouser Photography- 646-369-9021
Sarah Lawrence Imagery-
Nancy Varberg Photography- 651-485-7272
Mandy Guth Photography- 651-503-0081
Michelle Lorraine Photography- 715-520-0354
Tomy O’Brien Photography- 651-491-1827
Sunlit Photography-

If you have any questions or needs that arise, you may contact the yearbook adviser, Mr. Donald Pults at 651-351-8128, or better at email
Thank you, and have a great summer- we’ll see you in the fall!

The Kabekonian staff at Stillwater Area High School