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A585 - Intro to Video Production

  • Arts & Communication
  • Core Curriculum & Universal Electives
A585 - Intro to Video Production

Program of Study: Visual Communication
Prerequisite: none
Credits: 1 semester

Students grades 9-12 will learn the elements, techniques and processes of video production in a cooperative/collaborative work environment. They will achieve this by meeting the following learning targets: writing scripts and creating storyboards, producing and editing a variety of productions such as public service announcements, television commercials, documentaries, music videos, movie trailers and animation. The students will be involved with each project from concept to completion. Equipment used will include digital video and still cameras and MacIntosh computers. Students will use editing, graphic and music software and have the option to bring their own hardware device with software. Classroom software used includes Adobe Rush with possible advancement to Adobe Premiere, GarageBand, Photos, Pages, Keynote, Google Docs and Stillwater Cloud Apps for video production, editing, research and writing. This course may be used to meet the art graduation credit requirement and will provide an opportunity for students to find success. It is encouraged but not mandatory for each student to have their own headphones/earbuds, digital camera, flash drive or external hard drive. Editing software will be provided to students who bring their personal laptops which meet hardware requirements. Intro to Video offers the following Creation and Performance Standard:  The student will understand and use artistic processes to create original or perform existing works of art in at least one of the three arts areas required to be offered by a school from the following: dance, media arts, music, theater and visual arts. As an elective, the student may understand and use artistic processes to create original or perform existing works of art in another art form or creative writing.